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Deewali wishes for all of you

happy diwali

happy diwali


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Mobile phone viruses

Mobile phone has been changed a lot from the way for just speaking and data exchange. It has enabled internet as well as movies and songs. In between that , the viruses which infects are highly concerned. Virus started spreads through SMS, MMS and Bluetooth.

First mobile virus came through mobile games. It works like – keep on on sending messages without knowing the user. Cabir alias Caribe is spread through Bluetooth, another virus named Ommwarrior also came to mobile , but it is came through MMS. We have to take highly precautions against these kind of dangers.

Some of them are

Apple shipped RavMonE.exe Virus on iPods

Caribe – Cabir




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Comparison of Antivirus Softwares

Antivirus softwares

Antivirus softwares

av-comaprative site released antivrus softwares comparison result of auguest 2009. Through that site you can find independent comparatives of Antivirus software. Following are tested in main comparatives.

Total detection rates:

G DATA 99.8%
AVIRA 99.4%
McAfee 98.7%
Symantec 98.4%
Avast 98.0%
F-Secure 97.9%
Bitdefender 97.8
Trustport 97.6%
ESET 97.2%
Kaspersky 94.7%
AVG 94.0%
Sophos 91.3%
Microsoft 90.0%
Kingsoft 86.4%
Norman 84.8%

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New Books, Cars , End user …more Widgets

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Animation Movies Widgets

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Shakira Widgets

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Celebrities In Twitter

Common man to Big celebrities nowadays all started to twitting . After the US election usage of twitter is on a high level.  Daytoday happenings  ,  about work, outings all things come out from this micro blog. Some of the Celebrties and their twitter links are here.



Bollywood Celebrities with their Twitter account

Neha dupia

Priyanka Chopra

Gul Panag

Karan Johar

Celina Jaitly

Konkona sen sharma

Rahul khanna

Mallika Sheravath

Imran Khan

Ritesh Deshmukh

Sonam kapoor

Uday chopra

Lisa ray

lara dutta

A. R. Rehman

Celebrities from other feilds are in twitter

Barack obama

Operah winfrey

Jennifer Aniston

serena williams

Mahesh bupathi

Burka Dutt

Rajdeep sardesai

Lindsay lohan

Shashi Tharoor

K. Sudhakaran

S M Krishna


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Bara Imam Bara

Bara Imam Bara is the tallest building in Luknow. Asif masjid, Bhulbhulaiya and boli are the main scenes from this superstructure. This was built by Asaf-ud-daula (1775-1797) in 1783. The entrance to the hall opens eyecatching decorative lightings and night lamps. Weapeons also exhibited there.



Bhulbhulaiya constitutes many gates, Consciously designed by its architect Kifayatullah, the 164 feet long and 52 feet wide building is constructed in brick with high quality limestone. There are three way to each entrance. One is leads to right and others are wrong. If you entered through the wrong way then you have to go through remaining 488 hall for reach out. At the same time you entered the right one then there is no time need to reach out.

Another miracle in this building is Bolly, a water well. When you look inside from the top , it seems even a small movement of the hall will reflect the water. As per the position of the wall and well this would not happen. Kifayatullah the architect, he final resting also belongs to this hall.

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Rains on Indias Syllicon Valley

Rain on bangalore - night view

Rain on bangalore - night view

Rain On Bangalore - Night view

Rain On Bangalore - Night view

Rain on bangalore

Rain on bangalore


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Palm leaf manuscripts (thaliyola )

In early ages most of the manuscripts are in palmleaf. In kerala now also using palm leaf for writing astrological description of person. Palm leaf manuscript was the standard type of book in the southern and eastern states of India. These manuscripts consisted of a series of leaves that were strung together and on which was written a text.

Palm leaf manuscripts

Palm leaf manuscripts

Making Palm leaf Manuscripts
Gathered from different trees, later sorted and closely matched, the leaf would be cut into long rectangular strips. Next, scribes would engrave the text in Sanskrit or the regional vernacular languages of the south into the stiff leaf using an etching tool. After etching, lampblack would be spread over the surface and then wiped away, leaving the etched areas-the text-colored black.

If the text intended to be illustrated, the scribe would leave spaces for the pictures, which would be subsequently etched in by the artist. After the lampblack was applied, a line drawing would result. Occasionally, additional colors would be painted onto the surface of the leaf, enlivening the picture. The use of mineral colors gave rise to the dominance of pure, unmixed primary colors (red, blue and yellow, with black, white and gold in the paintings). When all the leaves were prepared, a hole or holes were cut in the leaves and were strung together. A wooden cover, often painted, was added to protect the leaves, producing a finished manuscript. Commonly illustrated texts of this type included variants of the Hindu religious epics.

Today access to these palm leaf manuscripts to an average person is either by visiting oriental libraries or government museums. Even here access to these manuscripts is restricted to only viewing and you cannot touch or hold them.

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